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New Products

  • Yogurt Honey Mustard

    The timeless tang of mustard touched with a sweet kiss of honey provides the inspiration for the latest in our line of yogurt dressings. It’s a classic taste that fits in at the fanciest of feasts or at any backyard barbeque. Use this creamy and rich dressing to complement your favorite salads or to provide a lite and tasty topping for your favorite sandwiches and wraps.

    Yogurt Honey Mustard
  • Yogurt Thousand Island

    If you’re a fan of Thousand Island, but not a fan of extra fat and calories, then it’s time to go Island hopping with Marie’s. Try our take on a classic American taste that’s the perfect condiment for your favorite salads and sandwiches, and with only half the fat and calories of regular dressings. This traditional family favorite has been updated with the delightful flavor of creamy yogurt for a tangy and zesty taste that will make a Marie’s convert out of any Thousand Island fan.

    Yogurt Thousand Island

Recipe of the Month

Rustic Greek Chicken Salad

Marie’s Greek Vinaigrette with Feta Cheese & Garlic gives this delicious salad and international flavor.

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Rustic Greek Chicken Salad